Discover Your Power Message

The Self-Study Guide to Creating a Powerful Sales Message.

Do you have a challenge explaining who you are and what you do for your potential clients? 

If you want to get more clients, more quickly, you need to be able to explain what you do and why someone should hire you, and be able to do it all in a minute or less – without sounding stiff or salesy. 

This “power message” is the most important and valuable tool you have in business. 

Without it, it’s really difficult to get people to hire you or refer you to someone else. 

That’s why it’s time to create your own personalized Power Message™. 

I’ve been helping coaches do this for years, and I know how to help you get that clarity while still sounding authentic and natural. 

Designed for coaches, consultants and other experts, this program will show you how you can: 

Explain exactly what you do and who you do it for in simple language.

Identify insights into your clients problems that position you as an expert.

Put together a power message with a call to action that will get your audience to commit to working with you.

 … all in a minute or less of speaking time

Here's what You Get:

  •  Three Discover Your Power Message™ audio training modules 
  • Written transcripts of all audios 
  • Discover Your Power Message™ Program workbook. 

Plus these Bonuses if you act now!  

  • E-book: How to Make $10K in a Day by Speaking About Your Business by Jason Reid 
  • The "Make $10K in a Day Speaker Checklist!"
  •  Tip Sheet on where to find speaking opportunities that are right for you! 


All for only $375 $297.00 

"Jason structures your mountain of ideas, concepts and thoughts into a CONCISE AND POWERFUL message that other people will understand. And once you have it, you have it FOREVER. For me It’s priceless! Thanks Jason “ 

Jenna Smith, Self-Discovery & Relationship Expert 

"After working on a talk with Jason I went out and booked more than $22K of new business at my first speaking event, and I'm still getting offers to work with people. I'm now booked months in advance."

Claudia Adair, 

Sales Coach

"I think Jason is a genius! He doesn’t just get speaking. He understands sales, marketing and he understands how people react to sales. I can’t even imagine how I would succeed in my business without all I’ve learned from Jason. It’s invaluable."

Barb Geisel, Dating Coach

About The Author: Jason Reid

Jason Reid helps entrepreneurs create powerful messages and presentations that can wow any audience and convert listeners into paying customers.

His unique approach to messaging and speaking involves creating clear, simply-worded, valuable content – using the power of story to persuade any audience to buy.

A former comedy writer, broadcast journalist and TV executive, Jason Reid has been recognized three times as one of the best story editors in the world and has created cutting edge training programs for a national television network.

Jason Reid is a featured speaker at some of the biggest entrepreneur conferences in North America – attracting lucrative clients through the stories he shares on stage.